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Get Poked For Cheap at Community Acupuncture

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Last month Coach $izzle (her real name, I promise) clued you in on some great, inexpensive ways to chill out and stop being so stressed about the fact that you have no money with her post on Broke-Ass Wellness. You should listen to her because she is both a “Coach” and has a Dollar Sign in her name, so you know she’s an expert on both money and wellness. Anyway, if you’re the kind of San Franciscan that enjoys being poked in very specific locations with needles, then I present to you another option for acupuncture on the cheap: the Community Acupuncture Network.

No, you don’t get to poke your neighbors, but you do get treatments that are always between $15 and $40 at a number of clinics in the city, like Yerba Buena Acupuncture Collective in the Panhandle or Community Acupuncture Works in the Mission. Check the list of clinics below or click on over to the Network’s site to find a needle-wielding doc near you.

Yerba Buena Acupuncture Collective 1810 McAllister St at Baker [Panhandle]
Circle Community Acupuncture 1351 Harrison St [SOMA]
Community Acupuncture Works 2889 24th St. #A [Mission]
Mission Community Acupuncture 2588 Mission St Ste. 204 [Mission]
San Francisco Community Acupuncture 220 Valencia St at Duboce [Mission]

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Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

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