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New Indian Street Food in FiDi

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Breaking news: There is a new Indian street food taco truck making its way through FiDi. It’s been around these parts for only a couple of weeks and has already made a big impression on me and just about every single person in my 400 person office. They’re called Curry Up Now and they make chicken tikka masala burritos… yes, BURRITOS. I die.


Even though they’re new, their food is so goddamn delicious that it’s in very high demand. The long lines can be brutal (like, up to 60 minutes long), but your broke ass has no job to scuttle back to so don’t worry about it, right? But assuming you do have better things to do with your afternoon, you can preorder your food on their website. They’re also super diligent about updating their Twitter with wait estimates, which is extraordinarily helpful. And oh yeah, they’re cheap. In sum, I am obsessed.

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

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