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Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

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This is an excerpt from my NYC book

Visiting the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. suddenly cheapened my entire childhood experience. Before that moment, I had thought that tying my blankey around my neck when I was a five year old and pretending I was Superman was cute and imaginative; now I just think I was a little stupid. I mean how can my blankey and some pajama bottoms with footies compare to real capes, goggles, and masks? They even have a cape testing area where you stand over a fan and it makes your cape billow up behind you, and a Devillanizer machine that asks you a bunch of questions and then tells you want kind of villain you are (I was a fucking realtor!). The best part about this place is that all the money made here goes to supporting 826 New York, which is a nonprofit, started by author Dave Eggers, that helps kids with their creative writing skills. And you wanna know how to get to 826 New York? There’s a secret passageway at the back of this store!

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.
372 5th Ave @ 5th St.
[Park Slope]

photo from A Child Grows

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