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Ways to Celebrate the Awesome Month of May

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May is the best!!! In addition to being the greatest birth-month ever (woo birthdays!) it is also home to many important, but lesser known holidays. For instance, I bet you didn’t know that May is National Asparagus Month, Bike to Work Month, National BBQ Month, National Hamburger Month, National Egg Month, and National Duckling Month to name a few.

I like fun, so I’m up for an excuse to celebrate just about anything, especially in the glorious month of May. If you also like fun here is a short calendar list of May holidays that shan’t be missed!

May 1st: May Day
In the tradition of many cool holidays, May day goes back to Roman and Pagan traditions that were later adopted/stolen by the Christians. Although it is celebrated differently throughout the world it’s overlying occasion is the coming of summer and the celebration of flowers and agriculture with the most common feature being the Maypole.

Also, according to the most reliable reference source in the world, May Day was also celebrated by Europeans in the US by making May baskets (usually filled with flowers or treats) and leaving them at someone’s doorstep. The giver would doorbell ditch, and the receiver would attempt to catch them. If caught, the giver and receiver would kiss. Do that!

May 5th: Cinco De Mayo
Though it’s not as widely observed in Mexico as in the US, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration the Mexican defeat over the French in the battle of Pueblo in 1862. In many parts of the country it’s just another excuse for penis wrinkle types to get sloshed and sexually harass some hotties, but some cool people still honor the day as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. Combine your Cinco De Mayo party with a bbq potluck in honor of National BBQ month and you’ve got yourself a Magical May-tastic celebration!

May 8th: No Socks Day
Yes, this is real. If you are a sock hater, today is your day! This day is also unofficially called “stanky shoe day” but whatevs. Be free!

May 9th: Yo Mama’s Day
Give her a kiss, send her a card and generally let your mother figure know how great you think she is. The greatest thing about Mother’s day, is that your mom will still be thrilled to receive some janky craft project a la second grade if you can’t afford something fancy. Moms are cool like that.

May 11th: Twilight Zone Day
Find someone who impulse bought the box set of Twilight Zone DVDs after watching one episode and getting over zealous (HAAAAAAAAAAY) and plan another potluck with your favorite sci-fi themed foods.


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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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