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Free Einstein’s Bagel: You Know You Are Eating One Anyway

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Homemade Poppy Seed Bagels

I don’t know about the apple, but NYC is home of the bagel. How did that happen? What is our obsession? The answer is we like it because the bagel is fulfilling, dependable, versatile, and a part of our culture.

Here’s a short history of the bagel. The bagel originated in the late 18th century in Poland,  nearly one hundred years before its lover, the cream cheese. In the 1880’s, thousands of Eastern European Jews immigrated to the United States and brought with them a desire for bagels. The bagels became associated with cities like New York because of its large Jewish population. Then my family came hundred years later, building on that love for bagels.

As the bagel gained in popularity, it also developed in variation.  After plain came the traditional pumpernickel, onion, and sesame seed flavors. Today you will often find blueberry, spinach, and the 'œeverything' bagel. Whatever your preference, it can be shmeared with jelly, butter, cream cheese, or eaten plain. My favorite combination is the everything bagel, a little cream cheese, and tomatoes. I also like to dabble in lox.

So now you know why the bagel is part of your picnic. Become a facebook fan of it and you can get FREE bagels on Fridays until 5/22. Check out one closest to you!

New York City Locations:

Einstein Bros Bagels
1336 1st Ave @ E. 72nd St.

Einstein Bros Bagels
1695 3rd Ave @ E. 96th St.

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Rebecca E. - The Centimentalist

Rebecca E. - The Centimentalist

What does Rebecca bring to the table? Fanciful eye twinkles and a plastic tablecloth, that's what. Her parents are Russian, but she was born in Massachusetts and thus maintains her innocence, though she admittedly prefers blintzes and beet salad to hamburgers. When she spent a year in Japan as a kid she experienced the first of many dips on her normalcy development chart. She came back to the States like the little wheelbarrow on the NYC Edition of Monopoly. Next, she moved to Atlanta where she hung with Jermaine Dupree in elevators. She got a B.A. outside Chicago, and after a two-year stint as a consultant, warmed up in Miami, picking up a water-resistant J.D. Now she is back in Manhattan, trying to collect evidence and moneybags all over the board, henceforth as the cannon piece.


  1. zany Hanna
    May 3, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Bagel is a perfect food for money conscious! One bagel is about 600 kcal or sometimes more, and that is plain! If you add a little cream cheese, it becomes more filling and higher in calories: may be 850 kcal, then jelly or lox – bagel is a meal for the day!

  2. Rebecca E. - The Centimentalist
    May 3, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Its so bad for your? I think it depends where you get it/what size. The Einstein’s everything is 340,, by the time you are done putting stuff on it though it becomes way worse, so I opt for fat free cream cheese and beefsteak tomato slices when I am in the mood. Also, I always order mine scooped out which probably cuts a 1/3 of the calories!