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Warm Weather Things You Should Do NOW In NYC

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The summer really could not have come soon enough in NYC if you ask me.  Part of what is so fucking great about living here is that not only does the city become alive in a whole new way when it gets warm, but there is ALWAYS something new to check out that will make this spring/summer wholly distinctive to that of last year’s.

Here’s 6 new-ish things you should check out or make sure to get in on this summer:

1) Blue Bottle Coffee (Williamsburg)

My roommate and I spent Sunday strolling around Williamsburg with this as our ultimate destination.  We’re already near Second Stop Cafe, which I had previously thought to have the best coffee in New York City, but uh, Blue Bottle really gives Second Stop a run for its money.  Apparently, it’s some artisinal/organicy-type deal where they prepare coffee the old fashioned way or something (I dunno, read the website), but whatever it’s about– it could not be a more perfect remedy for a late, late previous night.

2) Join a hockey team

Maybe this isn’t “new” to a lot of people, but speaking as a staunch anti-sports proponent, I couldn’t be more surprised how much this has ended up being so appealing to me in life.  First of all, hockey is way better than both kickball and soccer combined, mostly because you get to carry a stick.  And second, it counts as working out, and you still get to hang out with your friends and be social.  I play mostly pick up games that happen on a fairly regular basis, but there are some more regular leagues and teams that play at Tomkins Square park that are way more serious, if you’re not as terrible as me at sports.

3) Do your own 5 borough bike ride

My friends visiting from Southern California had the fucking brilliant idea to rent bikes (only like $30 for the day!!) and bike around NYC.  This idea would NEVER have occurred to me in a million years and I can’t get over how great this is to do in a city you’re completely unfamiliar with.  Even if you are familiar, it’s like, when the hell do you ever go to like all 5 boroughs, much less in one day?  You should just do it.  And take me with you!  It’s about time I got over my crippling fear of biking on city streets.

4) Finally go to that damn bar on top of the Met

I don’t know how many years I’ve been talking about doing going to Met Roof Garden Cafe & Martini Bar.  Apparently, this bar has like UNPARALLELED views of the city, and what goes better with that than relaxing with a good cocktail?  Probably nothing, so I should really just DO IT ALREADY!

5) Go dance at a Brazilian cafe

My friend lives right around the corner from Miss Favela, and I’ve always wondered almost every time I’m about to go to his house: “What if we just drop everything we were supposed to do today, drinks some Caipirinhas, and go dancing ALL DAY to Brazilian music?”  That place always looks like everyone is having a great time at like any hour of the day and I wanna know about it!  If you don’t find out now, then WHEN WILL YOU?

6) Demand that someone to take you on a joyride

If you have a friend that has a car, I really don’t see what’s stopping you.  I felt like I was in high school again!  But without all the angst and ennui.  So maybe it was kind of like Happy Days or something.  We even parked by the Williamsburg Waterfront and made out.  It’s a win-win.

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Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G. is a Southern California native living in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn since 2005. Anna is constantly trying to unite her love of CA sunshine and the excitement of the New York urban jungle, all the while trying to keep her unwieldy credit card debt under control, and look fabulous at brunch, no matter how un-showered and hungover.


  1. Alexi Lawless
    May 6, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    It is my goal this summer to help you feel comfortable biking on the city streets. If I can do it, you can too goddamnit! Then we can start that all girl bike gang I’ve been dreaming about.

  2. Julia H
    May 6, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    You got no bike confidence, Jerry! Nothing you can do about it!