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How To See Movies For Free

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Last week, I went to a showing of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake for FREE thanks to this handy dandy thing called a “press pass.” I don’t think that blogging necessarily makes me a “press person,” but the people at this movie theater didn’t seem to care -'“ nor did the other handful of other press people I sat with. This made me realize that if I can do it, you can too!

My press pass was actually a green piece of construction paper. No joke.

I went with my friend Courtney Nichols, who markets her personal website as a brand and thus is in on the press scene. This was my first experience seeing a film before it hit theaters, and it was awesome. There were no previews, no children, and it was FREE. There were a few empty press seats around me, which tells me that they set aside more than they will probably need. This means that you have the opportunity to use whatever website you write for as a tool to snag one of those empty seats.

NOT Emily Blunt

So without further ado, here is my review of Nightmare on Elm Street: I liked it. It was one of those “it’s so bad it’s good” kind of movies, and while I really hate being into things for ironic purposes, this is the only way I can describe it. The lead girl looks like Emily Blunt and it’s weird. Also, if you had any doubt coming in that it was a Michael Bay film, some guy slits his own throat in the first five minutes and blood sprays everywhere. It’s pretty great.

Alright, I’ve hereby officially earned my press pass. That was easy!

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

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