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Happy Burger Month: $2 Burgers at Anytime

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I know that May is almost over but I figured I had to share this information. As you may or may not know, May is “National Hamburger Month”.  Of course each month is deemed national something, and I’m sure this was dreamed up by the people at White Castle but I figured  New Yorkers should take advantage of whatever deals are thrown our way.  Vegetarians right now can look away because unfortunately this deal does not apply to the burger’s close but inferior cousin (veggie burgers).

Every weeknight until the end of May, you can order a delicious 8 oz Angus Beef Burger from Anytime Restaurant for $2. Known for their unique 24 hour delivery service, Anytime Cafe (which is now The Lovin Cup Cafe) moved locations and is now offering just a delivery service until their new location at 20 Skillman Ave opens in East Williamsburg. Anytime was beloved by Alcoholics and nite owls alike for their late night service of munchies and cigarettes. $2 doesn’t seem like it would get you much, but sliders these are not.  I ordered one myself for “research” purposes and was pleasantly surprised by the result. The patty’s are thick and slightly pink served on a brioche bun with toppings served on the side. Keep in mind you can only order one per household but add some fries or mac n cheese and you have your own personal feast. And if you plan on ordering while inebriated, allow yourself some wait time because they take no sooner than 45 minutes to deliver. If you want to stay on their good side, don’t do what I did and order $30 worth of food and then promptly fall asleep. Their blacklist is long lasting.

Photo Courtesy of: The Old Coot

Delivery to Williamsburg and Greenpoint

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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