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Rentalic: Renting Other People’s Crap

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I recently stumbled upon a brochure for a potentially awesome new business. It’s called Rentalic, and despite it’s name sounding a little like an escort service, its concept of person-to person rentals for cheap seems pretty great to me! It’s basically a service to match people who need to borrow things (“Borrowers”) with people who have shit to borrow (“Owners”). Officially it “enables people to make money and save money while promoting a greener lifestyle through reuse!” It’s basically craigslist, but prettier and only for renting, not buying or connection missing.

Lawn mowers, CSI Season Three, and a yacht were only a few of the things on the homepage last I checked, and the listings are spread out across the country. The rates are decided by the “Owners”, and are listed per day/week/month. It is FREE to post and search and join, and transactions use a secret code to deposit money exchanged via PayPal. There are all sorts of security measures they’ve thought of, so go to the site if you’re worried that someone will jack the sweet stuff you post for rental and rest assured.

The site also lists the following as benefits of renting using Rentalic:
* To be green by promoting re-use and sharing through renting.
* To create additional income; maybe even create your own rental business.
* To try before you buy.
* Because renting might be a cheaper alternative to buying.
* To save storage space.
* To reap tax benefits from donating your rental proceeds to a charity.
* To promote social entrepreneurship within your community.

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I’ll buy it…no wait, I’ll RENT it! Anyway, bad jokes aside, someone should try this out and let me know how it goes.

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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