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Hoes Weising Hoes – Getting Your Friends To Drink Budweiser

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It took Bros Icing Bros about two weeks to go viral and spawn the spin-off, Hoes Weising Hoes. The Encyclopedia Brotannica and the BroBible declared that women can’t fairly get iced because they actually like the taste of Smirnoff (hence why it’s called “bitch beer”), so the only reasonable alternative is to weise them with Budweiser. The same brotocol rules apply to this game, the exception being that the hoe must chug the Bud while balancing it in the crook of her arm instead of taking a knee.

A few of Yelp’s favorite creative marketing hoes.

Much like BIB, my office immediately took to this game. I’m a fan for a number of reasons, the primary one being that the literature available for this game has truly broadened my vocabulary: “slampiece,” “sorostitutes”, and “can’t handle the diesel” are just a few of the new terms I have incorporated into my everyday colloquialisms.

But perhaps more importantly, we hoes got the less shitty end of the bad beer stick. Not only is Budweiser infinitely tastier than Smirnoff Ice, but it’s also less embarrassing to be seen drinking. So even though the concept behind this version of the game is totally derogatory towards women, I feel like I’m coming out on top. I also really like that I don’t have to take a knee like I’m giving head. And yeah, I know a binge drinking game is probably the last place I should be seeking modes of female empowerment, but sometimes you gotta take what they give you and run with it.

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

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