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See The Nation Beat for FREE at The Rodeo Bar

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The Rodeo Bar has a very special place in my heart.  When I moved here to go to college it was not too far from where I lived.  For me, it was like heaven on Earth.  I always got in (and served) there.  They had FREE music and FREE all-you-can-eat peanuts.  As a result, I was a constant fixture there.  Though my memories are hazy at best, I have managed to excavate a few.

– Going up to dance on the stage with an awesome rockabilly band.
– Knocking over all the rockabilly band’s equipment with my enthusiastic dancing.
– Many, many beers.
– An unfortunate allergic reaction one night on the part of my boyfriend.

[Not in that order]

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This Thursday, June 3rd, Nation Beat is playing a FREE concert at Rodeo.  This is a band that NPR’s Banning Eyre has called 'œthe most original and alluring fusion group I have heard in years.'

So go on down and make some of your own hazy memories.

Oh yah and if you get there at dinner time, don’t forget to order the killer tuna steak.

Nation Beat
The Rodeo Bar
375 3rd Avenue @ E. 27th St.
[Murray Hill]
Thursday 6/3
10 PM

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Christine Witmer - Sparing Stringer

Christine Witmer - Sparing Stringer

Christine was born and raised in the land of the Pilgrims, Plymouth, Massachusetts. She turned in her buckled shoes when she moved to NYC to attend NYU. From that esteemed University she received her BFA in theatre as well as a Master's Degree in Performance Studies in 2004.
Now an actor, writer and broke ass day-jobber, Christine juggles her many personas with the elegance of a red panda. specifically the one in the Prospect Park Zoo . . . soooooo cute! She can be found most often in her own habitat on the Northside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.