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3rd Ward’s GOODS Food Truck Now serving Williamsburg

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It’s been said that good things come in small packages, this is especially true when it comes to the food truck revolution that has taken this city by storm. What used to just consist of “street meat” and questionable sanitary conditions is now a full blown culinary movement. Joining the ranks of the mobile motivated, is the Goods Food Truck officially open for business tomorrow.

From the innovative folks over at 3rd Ward, Goods Food will be serving up brunch, lunch and dinner from their bullet-shaped silver trailer parked on the corner of Metropolitan Ave and Lorimer St in Williamsburg. Taking advantage of one of the few abandoned lots left in the neighborhood, they will also be opening up a refurbished garden space to the public on June 19. 3rd Ward has been an invaluable fixture of the neighborhood offering up studio space to local artists, leading skill shop classes of every trade and being the leading supporter for local arts. Apparently the Goods Truck is just the tip of the iceberg of more culinary things to come. For now, the public will be satiated with New York State bred beef, the most epic looking breakfast sandwich I’ve ever seen, and Intelligentsia coffee.


Anybody that brings Pat LaFrieda Beef closer to my doorstep is a saint in my eyes. Don’t worry I’m not a butcher groupie, I’m just a girl who appreciates a good hunt of meat. Expect plenty of BBQ to be rolling out this summer and some Brooklyn Lager battered Fish and Chips for the pescatarians out there. It certainly puts their neighbors, The Lazy Catfish to shame, which is one of the worst restaurants I’ve ever been to. Trash talking aside, this is just one of the many temptations that will ruin your diet this summer.

Goods Food Truck
Corner of Metropolitan Ave and Lorimer St


Photos Courtesy of: Goods Food, 3rd Ward

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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