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Make a Baby Head Paper Weight

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If I can manage to make it out of bed the morning after the Broke-Ass Pub Crawl, I know exactly what I’m going to do: giant hangover breakfast. And then probably a nap. But then I’ll definitely be on a mission, scouring second-hand stores and Goodwill’s all over the city for a few awesome plastic kid’s toys and one good sized doll. Which I plan to behead, fill with Plaster of Paris and spray paint gold. Crafting just got real.

Presenting: Baby Head Paperweight!

While I will admit that beheading dolls does always fill me with a wicked glee, it’s really just the bonus part of this craft. Once you’re done, it’s hours of macabre fun with your very own: super-creepy-bizarre-o Baby Head Paperweight! (Which, by the way, was great fun to Google.) However, if you’re not feeling perhaps not quite so sinister? Well, then grab some textured, plastic toys and some hardback books for a fabulous Faux Objet d’Art!


They’re both pretty similar and easy, in that they require next to nothing.  Faux Objet d’Art requires the paint (duh), and maybe some Modge Podge if you decide your objet requires some sort of base. The examples used a stack of colored, hardcover books '“but hey a painted box or crate could work just as well. Tupperware or cookware might also fly, depending on the durability and shape, try a few things to see what speaks to you. I’m sure you can figure out what to do from here, just make sure to wipe down the toys before you paint and let everything dry.

Baby Head Paperweight is a bit trickier '“ first you have to make the Plaster of Paris (it’s basic, you add water) and fill the head with it. Let it dry, then spray it down with some black paint. Let that dry. Now spray the head with water – before it dries, hit it with the gold paint. Once that dries, you’re in the clear. Now you have a creepy little paperweight-friend'or a paperweight to give to a creepy little friend.

Just a doll head on a sofa. Nothing to see here. Movin' along.

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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

A freelance writer, blogger and poet based in San Francisco, Amber has written for PC World, InfoWorld, and the 16th & Mission Review. She has performed at City Hall, Litquake, the Brainwash, 16th & Mission, BlueSix, and SFSU among other places. Amber is also consummate fan of swearing, organizational freak, yoga practitioner, music geek, caffeine addict, and tattoo enthusiast who enjoys platform shoes, making out, thumb wrestling and fighting the good fight. She owns a bicycle named Gretel, a motor scooter named Elroy and a cat named Simon. She can be found in various virtual locations all over your interwebs.

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