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Where To Go Berry Picking This Summer

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I LOVE SUMMER! Despite the fact I live in a city where true summer weather rarely exists, I STILL adore the summer months. Everyone is generally happier, going on vacations and frolicking whenever they get the chance. Even though the true magic of Summer died the moment they handed you that diploma, we “adults” still cling to that feeling of freedom and anything can happen-dom.

What do I love most about summer you say? Well, that’s an easy one; the produce!!! In the past week I have gone to three farmers’ markets and gorged myself on every fruit I could find. The only problem is, besides the obvious fruit related tummy troubles, is that produce is effing expensive! Yes, it’s true that if you buy what’s in season, you’re most likely getting the best deal, but if you’re buying quality fruit in the quantity I desire, your bank account starts looking a little sad.

The solution? Pick it yourself! I’m not suggesting that you sneak onto a farm and pillage their bounty, because that’s bad fruit karma. Luckily, a few farmers have made it easy to harvest your own berries/fruits of various nature for a deeply discounted rate than what you’d find at market. One of my coworkers went here and brought back some amazing cherries, but whether you are in California or New York, follow those jumps to find a friendly farm near you! Take a date, a friend, or just yourself and lots of baskets and have a berry-rific time!

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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