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FREE Popsicles to Kick Off your NYC Weekend

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I haven’t moved for the last 20 minutes because I’m fairly certain my back is stuck to my chair. It’s hot in this city – hot like the dickens. Most young people who live here don’t have an air conditioner under the auspices of environmentalism by way of being really fucking broke. I am one of those people.

One of the only things that can improve the situation of being stuck to your couch (or bed, or floor, or wherever you have chosen to be supine) is a popsicle. Imagine it now – a nice, cold, juicy, popsicle. A FREE one.

People’s Pops, purveyors of the most delicious popsicles on the planet, will be giving them away for FREE on Friday and Saturday as part of a Cooking Channel promotion in New York. I’ve had flavors like rhubarb and blackberry mint at their stand in Brooklyn Flea. Seriously – so good. Don’t sit this one out.

FREE People’s Pops Friday, 10 am – 6 pm

Outside Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave between 15th & 16th St) [Chelsea, Manhattan]

Saturday, 12 pm – 10 pm under the Brooklyn Bridge [DUMBO, Brooklyn]

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Polina Yamshchikov - Flirt Poor

Polina Yamshchikov - Flirt Poor

Polina is Siberian by way of Alabama, and therefore cannot pronounce "fire" or "iron" correctly but despite this can still woo men with her cooking skills and enormous Russian cheeks. She can usually be spotted on the streets of Brooklyn either yelling into a cell phone in one of five languages or swilling gin at an inappropriate hour of the morning.