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Times Square to Become Bubble Battle Central This Saturday

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Glinda arrived via bubbles. Bert and Ernie got groovy (when the cameras stopped rolling, of course) with a bath full of bubbles. And the late Michael Jackson used to wear Bubbles like a backpack. (Yeah, I know one of those is not like the others, but this isn’t the SATs. So keep it to yourself, smarty pants.)

The point is, bubbles have long captivated us – which doesn’t bode well for the human race that we’re mesmerized by iridescent spheres of soapy water, but it could be worse. I mean, it’s not like we stand around on the same date each summer and stare at the sky for 20 minutes as it explodes in a fleeting flurry of color and sound. Because that would be ridiculous. Oh, wait…

All right, all right. Enough with the misanthropy.

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If you don’t have anything more intelligent to do this weekend, converge on Times Square armed with whatever apparati (it just makes more sense that way) you need to fill the air with bubbles and wait for the signal. Loosely based on Dr. Suess’ The Butter Battle Book, Newmindspace’s annual Bubble Battle pits kid-at-heart against the forever young in all-out war of epic aquatic proportion. Last year more than 1,500 showed up with an array of paraphernalia, including bubble toys, bubble generators, bubble solution and an extreme amount of bubble double-A batteries. (You like that one, dontcha?)

When you’re good and soaked, float your ass down to a secret location only released to ticket holders where bubble mania continues with POP!, the Bubble Battle afterparty, featuring machines blowing laser-illuminated, vapor-filled bubbles; world-class DJs dropping the dopest, drenchest beats around; and a bitchin’ ball pit filled tons of random soft objects.


To your bubbles.

Bubble Battle NYC
Red steps at W. 47th St. and Broadway [Times Square]
Saturday, June 26

POP!, the Bubble Battle afterparty
Location TBD
Saturday, June 26

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Mikey Rox - Cut-Rate Copywriter

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