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Get Warmed Up with P.S 1 this Summer

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After spouting off on the wonders of Brooklyn Yard and how sweet all the parties would be there this summer, I feel bad for getting your (and my) hopes up since the venue shuttered less than a week after I wrote about them, goddamnit. But don’t fret, the Sunday Best has since moved locations to Brooklyn Fireproof, and there’s a new summer jam spot finally making its return. The MoMa P.S 1 Museum in Long Island City is back with their weekly “Warm Up” parties.

Every Saturday, starting this weekend, their outdoor courtyard will play host to live musical acts and fill up with hot (as in attractive) and sweaty people dancing away under some behemoth sculpture installation. Each year, MoMa PS1 chooses a winner from their Young Architects Program to design a massive outdoor structure that takes over the courtyard. Last year’s piece strongly resembled an Ewok village, and this year’s winner’s design is called “Pole Dance” which is what I’m sure a lot of drunk people will resort to by the end of the party.

Running from July 3 to September 4, there will be plenty of big names taking the stage this year. Highlights include: LCD Soundsystem, Fischerspooner, the Scissor Sisters, Afrika Bambaataa, and plenty more ass-shaking kind of music. Admission to get in is $15 but that gets you access to the party AND to all the exhibitions in the musuem. It’s open to all ages, but they always have a good selection of beer on tap, and if you get overheated, just escape to the museum where there’s plenty of dark rooms to explore. See ya on the pole!

Photo Courtesy of: Brooklyn Vegan

MoMa PS1 Warm Up Party
Saturday, July 3- Saturday, September 4
2225 Jackson Ave
Between 46th Ave & 46th RD, Long Island City [Queens]
$15 (for party and museum admission)

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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