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The Time Dock Ellis Threw a No Hitter on LSD

Updated: Aug 23, 2016 12:48
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Image Courtesy of Surrealistic Sharks

I just loved this one so much, I had to repost it – Stuart

Everyone’s all up in arms about baseball players using steroids and other athletes possibly using performance enhancing drugs, etc.  As someone who doesn’t care about baseball or any professional sport I really shouldn’t have an opinion but it’s kind of inevitable given my personality so of course I do.

In a nutshell I think performance enhancing drugs are kind of bullshit and not fair and why do it at all if people are going to cheat? I hated when the Ritalin kids got into Ivy League colleges and I didn’t because my parents wouldn’t medicate me into being Doogie Howser. I mean, it’s not like I even wanted to go to one of those robot-programming-pretentiousness factories in the first place….but, whatever, Columbia. It’s fine.

So performance enhancing drugs on the playing field? No.

BUT….Regular, plain old drugs on the playing field? Yes, please!

I learned today of the story of Dock Ellis, a Pittsburgh Pirate who, in the 1970s pitched a no-hitter (apparently, that’s good) while tripping his fucking face off.  An audio interview with Ellis  on this very subject thankfully exists, and so Brooklyn animator and artist James Blagden set about making an animated short of the debacle.  This marks the first and probably last time I’ve ever given a shit about anything related to baseball. It’s that awesome.

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