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Cheap Beach Eats at Rockaway Taco

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In the never ending search for authentic tacos, I ventured out to Rockaway Beach not once, but twice this weekend to seek out the famed Rockaway Taco. And boy was it worth a traumatizing ride on the A train. Normally at New York beaches, your food options are limited to “floaters” aka street vendor hot dogs, and whatever kind of street meat Coney Island has to offer, but now there is a much more delicious option. From one of the owners of Rice, comes this new contender for best tacos in the city.

Situated in a small shack on 95 St, surrounded by dilapidated buildings and surf shops, Rockaway Taco is the culinary salvation of the neighborhood. While Rockaway Beach is free of used needles and blaring radios, the hood itself resembles, as my friend described it, “the wrong side of the Berlin Wall”. Despite the crummy surroundings, this taco shack is well worth the trip due to their fresh and authentic Mexican fare. As an early morning surfer, the owner decided to open the place to have a decent spot to eat at where only dive bars and grocery stores were an previous option. Vegetarians will certainly rejoice with ample choices of animal-friendly options. There’s tofu tacos, spicy marinated cucumbers, and the best elote I’ve had in my life.

Their meat options are just as delectable with carne asada and a chorizo and potato blend all topped with a heaping portion of fresh guacamole. But the really crowning achievement of the place is their fried fish tacos. For $3, you get a good sized chunk of battered fried fish, along with marinated cabbage and radishes. And you can’t really question the freshness considering they also run an organic veggie stand next door called Veggie Island. While I enjoyed my contraband Coors Light Six Pack, you won’t last in 95 degree weather without some refreshment. Choose from an assortment of cold teas, Hibiscus is the jam, btw, or some sweet watermelon juice to wash it all down. While they tend to get slammed on weekends, you don’t have to stand in the hot sun for 30 minutes for your order, just leave a cell number and they’ll call you when it’s ready. It’s like those vibrating devices that they give you at Outback Steakhouse, except with all the convenience and none of the shitty food. And for the caffeine addicts, there’s Jack’s Coffee next door for all your ice coffee and espresso needs. Don’t believe my glowing review?, check our their Yelp page for countless other devotees, old and new.

Image Courtesy of:  NYTimes

Rockaway Taco
95-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd [Queens]

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