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Finger on The Pulse BBQ Blowout

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Since taking a “break from food”, to open up his own bar, Lady Jays, star chef Sam Mason still knows how to throw a mean BBQ. One a month, New York magazine has been teaming up local chefs with DJ’s and buzz bands to create one delicious spectacle with their BBQ Blowout. While many us unwashed poor could not afford the molecular gastronomic creations at his old digs, Tailor, Mason’s grilling skills will be within your reach at $10 a plate.

Dance away the slow-cooked calories with local DJ’s Finger on the Pulse, and be sure to wipe away that BBQ ‘stache before you’re snapped by Nicky Digital. This is just one of many BBQ’s to come, all of which will take place at Good Company in Williamsburg (formerly Hope Lounge). While I couldn’t track down any deets on the kind of food that will be offered, I can imagine it will blow your friend’s pathetic burnt weenie out of the water. Also stick around for free gadget case giveaways from sponsors Incase, or as I like to call them, the people who save me from breaking all my shit. Entry is free, but get there early to load up on grilled goods before it’s just an sad empty plate of sauce.  Also check out Dinner with the Band, for more food porn from the tatted up chef.

Finger on the Pulse BBQ Blowout
Saturday, July 10, 5:00-9:oopm
Good Company
10 Hope St
Between Roebling & Havemeyer [Williamsburg]
FREE Entry, $10 for food

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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