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Foodie Ballin’ on a Budget at the BK Flea

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I used to live right around the corner from Brooklyn Flea‘s Saturday location (at the corner of Vanderbilt St. & Lafayette St.), and let me tell you – it is a marvel that I am still svelte. In fact, it is a marvel that any of the vendors there manage to stay a reasonable weight. That place is a culinary goldmine. I am not lying – shit is bananas.

The flea itself is basically an open air market, and to that effect, has a “food court” in this style: vendors from all over this fine city hawk their delicious eats from stalls at starved shoppers. But these aren’t the brethren of midtown’s dirty water dog slingers; these are purveyors of high quality, usually slow food-rooted tasty eats. Some of ’em even come from restaurants.

Sara Jenkins, of her Manhattan restaurant Porchetta, is usually there selling juicy-as-all-hell roast pork sandwiches ($5!). People’s Pops, which I have raved about before, sell their delicious frozen treats from a stand. There are also dumplings from Red Hook’s Good Fork, which is great given that the actual restaurant is in the middle of nowhere. You can get a personal pizza from the roving brick oven-toting Pizza Moto. I always go right to Asia Dog – they have a huge number of possible combinations of delicious sausages and creative toppings. My favorite’s the chicken dog ($4!) smothered in kimchi.

Gimme that.

Brooklyn Flea is open every weekend in Ft. Greene. Don’t worry – the G train is pretty slow-moving and is conducive to the inevitable waddle you will develop on the way home.

Brooklyn Flea
Saturdays, 10am-5pm
176 Lafayette Ave (btw. Clermont + Vanderbilt Ave.) [Brooklyn]
Sundays, 10am-5pm
1 Hanson Pl. (at Flatbush Ave.) [Brooklyn]
FREE entry, pay-as-you-go for food

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Polina Yamshchikov - Flirt Poor

Polina Yamshchikov - Flirt Poor

Polina is Siberian by way of Alabama, and therefore cannot pronounce "fire" or "iron" correctly but despite this can still woo men with her cooking skills and enormous Russian cheeks. She can usually be spotted on the streets of Brooklyn either yelling into a cell phone in one of five languages or swilling gin at an inappropriate hour of the morning.