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MTV Launches “Style” Blog and Continues to Ruin the World

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MTV is experiencing a bit of a resurgence into cool culture, what with The State, Daria, and Beavis and Butthead all being released onto DVD, there’s been a lot of reminiscing going around. It’s as if everyone collectively decided to stop watching after the golden age of the 80’s and 90’s and pretended we put MTV in a home, decided we just can’t see them this way, and it’s better to remember them, as they once were. But to continue their world dominance over mediocrity and to continue raping the memories of my youth, they’ve launched a style blog, to show us all what real individuality looks like. I know making fun of MTV is the Laz-Y-Boy of jokes, but this latest attempt on their part to seem “with it”, just depresses me. As someone who thoroughly enjoys style blogs, and was a devout fan of House of Style, I always held out a glimmer of hope for the network. Just to give you a taste of what you can expect from their new site, keep your eyes open for a lot of this:

It’s important to stay abreast on the evolution of Jared Leto’s mohawk, if you can even call it that. Whatever sense of style or decency that’s left after People and US Weekly has slowly stripped away from anyone with a SAG card, there’s MTV Style to pick up the pieces, and fill you in on “hot shoes to gush over”, and JWowww’s runway show. Despite its premise, (a show based on the supermodel craze of the 90’s), MTV’s original House of Style managed to infuse celebrity culture, style trends, and highlight awesome musicians. If this video is evident enough, Cindy Crawford made for one surprisingly bad ass host, and was often joined by former lead singer of the Germs, Pat Smear, as a co-host. When MTV tried to reboot the series last March, they recruited models Chanel Iman, Bar Refaeli for a one time special episode. They also got Teen Vogue on board (barf town), who’s partnership has brought us such quality programming and created the hellbeast that is Lauren Conrad. The episode included tips and tutorials, like how to make your own friendship bracelet. I’ll already know how to make a mean friendship bracelet, I don’t need the Teen Vogue editor to show me how to master a fucking chevron. If you go to the site now, they feature images of regular “fashionistas”, just like Avery here.

Who needs thrift stores and fashion magazines, when you can achieve cutting edge style at your local Pacific Sunwear store? I think it’s sad that this generation only has mallrats like this to teach them styling tips, as opposed to Neneh Cherry or Amber Valletta. If only they could relaunch the show for real and get some fucking divas on there to show everyone what’s up. Maybe a little guest appearance from RuPaul or some of the old model rat pack gang. I mean Naomi Campbell  alone, back on TV, I’d officially go back on cable for that crazy bitch. They don’t need to open up a restaurant or anything, just show me how to rock cheetah anything, and I will blindly follow. Right now the only thing their style section provides is Perez-Hilton type gossip photos minus all the dicks drawn on. So if you want to know what Shakira’s been wearing, or more analysis of Kim Kardashian’s breasts, you know where to go. Otherwise I’ll just keep watching old videos of Deee-lite for inspiration.

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