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Rocks Off Concert Boat Cruises

Updated: Jul 14, 2010 11:52
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Despite the fact I work across the street from a marina, and look at the water every day, I’ve never been on a boat in New York City. The Staten Island Ferry doesn’t count guys. I’m talking about a real boat, that doesn’t involve a dozens of Melanie Griffith’s rocking their sneakers to work. While most chartered boats or party yachts cost a fortune, the Rocks Off Boat Cruises can make your nautical dreams come true for sometimes as little as $10. From April through October, Rocks Off organizes over 200 concerts, parties and special events on their fleet of six boats, one of which can hold up to 500 people. Their bookings range from metal cover bands, big acts like Black Lips, Soul Dance-Offs, CMJ showcases, and party cruises to Mets games.

Each cruise lasts about 3 hours, and according to their site, they have not canceled a cruise in 10 years due to weather, then again NYC isn’t exactly gripped with hurricanes very often, I wouldn’t want to disappoint 500 thirsty rock fans either. The promoters who run the cruises do a good job of booking all kinds of genres of music, and their advice to those who think they’re too cool for a sweaty boat party?

“If you’re afraid that you can’t enjoy yourself on a boat full of bands, booze and babes for 3 hours, than you should probably stay home and post snide and anonymous comments on Brooklyn Vegan making fun of people who actually know how to enjoy themselves.  Then you can dine on a fat, meaty GoFuckYourself  sandwich!” Excellent.

The prices for tickets range depending on what type of event or concert it is. There are also regular party series to keep an eye on, such as New York Night Train’s “Ya Ya” Yacht feat. DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin, who do the Soul Clap and Dance-off parties at Glasslands. You’ll also find me tossing back some sweet High Life’s at NachosNY’s Gauc Rock Party, which sold me on the name alone. And to think, just yesterday I thought the only kind of bookings these guys did were Phish cover bands, glad I was wrong about that. Whew.

Photos Courtesy of: Rocks Off, Brooklyn Vegan

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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