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Cheap Breakfast Burritos at Cafe Venue

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My favorite new before-work, on-the-go, super cheap breakfast item is the breakfast burrito at Cafe Venue. The regular burrito comes with potatoes, eggs, cheese, salsa, and your choice of chicken, bacon, or ham for $4.25. You can get it with steak for $5.25 and the veggie burrito is only $3.75. You’d think with prices these low prices that there’d be something wrong with them, but think again! They’re actually pretty good.

There are breakfast burritos in here!

One possible criticism of these burritos is that they’re smaller than most broke-asses would probably like. It’s true that these bad boys won’t sit in your stomach all day; you’ll definitely be hungry by lunch. But here’s where this is a good thing: 1) Your ass doesn’t need to be broke and fat. 2) Eating smaller meals will shrink the size of your stomach over time. Less need for food means less overall expenditure. Thus, eating like this does your wallet a favor. Just be careful to not lose too much weight '“ replacing a wardrobe gets expensive.

Cafe Venue
67 5th St at Jessie
San Francisco, CA

Thanks to yelper Kevin Y for the image.

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

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