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Cheap Hair Cuts at the Carsten Aveda Institute

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There is this thing called Science (closely related to that often annoying “truth”) that indicates human scalp hair grows at about 1/2 an inch per month. I get this. What I do NOT get, however, is that people have decided undoing this growth is a task worthy of all of my spending money for any given month. I am totally aware that – like most people – I should not cut my own hair, even if I’m watching a movie featuring a girl who kind of looks like me with seriously cool bangs and the kitchen scissors are literally right there and I bet I could, because I tried and I can’t and am also not great at creatively using a bobby pin to hide the damage. Thankfully, the salon at the Carsten Aveda Institute is there to help.

At Carsten, students studying at the prestigious (aka expensive) Aveda Institute get their field work credits by offering reduced hair cuts, coloring, facials, nail services and more. Hair cuts are the most popular deal at $18.75 a pop and are worth every penny; it includes a wash, style, and certified instructor who must approve each step of the haircut and fix anything that needs a-fixin’. The downside is that the whole process usually takes around two hours, but the thorough attention is almost a guarantee of a damn good haircut. There are also daily specials on other services and if you go during the week when it’s slow, sometimes they’ll do them for free! My favorite.

Those paying by credit card will not be able to add a tip so make sure to bring a little extra cash to thank your stylist for not butchering your locks and making you weep. This also a very dude-friendly spot, so fear not frugal fellows! After, stop by Union Square for the Greenmarket or free fitness classes in the morning and live music in the evening now on Thursdays through August 12th. Definitely worthy of Martin’s Pretzels after.

Carsten Aveda Institute
22 E 17th Street
Second Floor
New York, NY 10003
Appointments: 212.675.4884

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Jill S.

Jill S.

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