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Broke-Ass of the Week – Video Producer Daniel Jarvis

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Images, especially moving ones, have an effect on the way we view our world.  The right photo or video has the power to make you look at a thing, or a life, or a neighborhood, and forget about all the bullshit.  It allows you to acknowledge what you love about something and can ultimately effect the way you remember it.  Just look at the show The Wonder Years, it makes me miss the 60’s and I wasn’t even born yet.

As a video producer, Daniel Jarvis has managed to illuminate the Mission, allowing us to remember the sunny days, beautiful people, and strange encounters we’ve lived through without causing us to dwell on the ugly side (homelessness, shootings, junkies) of this neighborhood too.  The videos that I’ve seen seem to be a celebration of all that the Mission is, on the days it lives up to its potential.  Just peep this video of a pre-summer day in Dolores Park:

Pre-Summer Sunday in Dolores Park from Spots Unknown on Vimeo.

As a contributor to Spots Unknown, Daniel’s videos have gotten a lot of love from other local blogs.  For good reason, they’re pretty bad ass.  You can check out more of his stuff a to see what I mean.  Otherwise, you should read below to see what he’s got to say about being a broke-ass.

Name: Daniel Jarvis

Age: 28

Occupation: Broke-ass video producer

What neighborhood do you live in?: The sunset (brokeset)

What are you listening to these days?: Uhm.. since someone turned me on to Toro Y Moi, I’ve been lazy about gathering new music, because some how I can still turn that shit on at home or on the go and dig it. Other than that Jonsi, Daniel Johnston (I always listen to dj), the fuck buttons, the white rabbits'. Basically stuff that has been on my ipod way too long.

Best money saving tip: Totino’s pizza. That shit is STILL $1.50

What do you refuse to spend money on?: Anything that’s not beer, food, motorcycle or video related.

Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought: A Mac Pro tower? Isn’t that every broke-ass’ answer?

How’d that feel?: Like the best damn money I’ve ever spent. Before the silver beast, I have tried to run Avid, AE, photoshop etc. on windows, only to have it fail and corrupt right when I really need it for a project time and again. My computer has transcoded like eight million terrybtes of video, rendered a million effects and loaded porn faster than the speed of'. Well DSL, and its still running like a HOSS.

Favorite cheap eat: Pizza Orgasmica on Tuesday (half off LG & XL sucka!)

Favorite dive bar: You know I only went to Benders for the first time just recently, but the whole punching a hole up top thing really sold me. $2 Tecates aint bad either.

Best deal you’ve ever gotten: SXSW this year. My friend hooked up a hotel through a family and friends rate (it was like 65 bucks for tues-sun for each person) and then we avoided shows with covers the whole time, snuck booze in to most shows and had the greatest festival experience to date.

Favorite free thing to do: Finding free stuff to do? Seriously, I’ve really been enjoying finding cool stuff going on (usually to promote a new space or night) that’s free in the city. San Francisco seems to be self aware in that way. It’s a city that is full of broke-asses (among the rich asses) and its not afraid to cater to them. Also I ride a motorcycle so anywhere that has a fun to ride path and nice outdoor pay off is nice.

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?: Oh jeez. My own godamn DSLR, and like every L-series lens on the market.

Despite not having money, do you still love your life?: Yeah pretty much. Fact is, I was born a broke ass. Even though I have at times risen above the broke ass standard, I’ve always been prepared to eat a big helping mac & cheese around 4-5 and call it lunch / dinner. I’m going to find beer money and have a drink with friends and laugh at the brokitude one way or another. I’m having way too much fun with brokeisms huh?

Do you own my book?: I don’t but I have been ogling it for a while now.

Best hangover cure: Everyone knows that – Weed and Revive vitamin water.

Are you a hipster?: No, I might be mistaken for one if you just glanced at the tattoos and plugs. But hang around long enough and you’ll find out I’m a fast food connoisseur, I ride a smoky old 79 CB (no fixed gear) and only go to art shows for the free booze (ok I guess that part makes me a hipster).

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