DIY: Damn Easy Decorating.

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Just because you’re a proud broke-ass, doesn’t mean you have to live like a dirtbag – it’s super easy to decorate using cheap, simple materials. Plus, it’s seriously time to get rid of those posters. You can do better. Point in case: pinhole artwork. Check it:

Shout out to Heather Smith Jones

Pretty, right?

She sells sea-shells, whatever. I'm doing nude girls for mine.

Lovely – and you can do it too. It costs next to nothing; you probably already have everything you need – save a picture frame. Street score a picture frame and do it for free. Or just spend $1.29 at Goodwill. (Goes without saying that you can and should stain, paint or alter the frame however you like.) Aside from the frame, all you need is: paper – preferably a fibrous type like cotton, an image/photo/vodka ad you’re diggin’, cardboard, tape, a thumb tack, a bead and a dot of glue (to glue the bead onto the tack, like so:

bead meet thumb tack, thumb tack, bead.

The rest is stupid-easy: tape your image and your paper to the piece of cardboard. Then trace the image using your rigged push pin, and making the holes as close together as possible. (Now might be a good time to have a Mighty Boosh marathan or something, ’cause it’s gonna take some time.)Then cut your paper to fit your frame and …well, that’s it really. You can get elaborate with it – put some foil or colored tissue paper behind your pin hole paper, or put a candle behind it. Tre chic and way cheap.

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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

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