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Karnival of Kuriocites and Dangerous Ingestions

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Foremost on the as-yet compiled list of Things You Should Not Ingest, I’d imagine, would be razor blades. Common sense dictates that sharp edges plus soft internal flesh equals pain and possibly a very bloody death. Eating swords is similarly discouraged.

And yet, ingesting dangerous things is something that people do on a daily basis. To crowds.

Tonight, in an event titled [sic] “Karnival of Kuriocites”, The House of Yes brings you the work of a few such remarkable super-humans. Albert Cadabra, a renowned consumer of razor blades, also makes his bread by driving nails into himself, making him a decidedly rare human two-by-four. Betty Bloomerz, at 5’4″, has triumphed over her gag reflex, allowing her to swallow swords half her size. Anya Sapozhnikova, a “whiskey guzzling aerialist slut”* specializes in aerial silks, chains, double silks, stilting, and  the double trapeze, which sort of just makes her a bird.

The Vermont Joy Parade, a six-piece brass band, will play the night.

You might assume that seeing these folks perform would be expensive. But you’d be wrong. Danger comes cheap, it seems, because  tickets for Karnival of Kuriocites run at the pretty broke-ass price of $10. And that’s for four acts. And it’s all tonight, starting at 11 PM.

*Not my words.

Karnival of Kuriocites
The House of Yes
342 Maujer St at Morgan Ave [Bushwick]
L train to Grand St. Station

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