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Milkshakes Made Out Of Pie at Chile Pies (& Ice Cream)

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Thanks be to my coworker and her birthday girl demands; without her, I never would have heard of Chile Pies (& Ice Cream) and their milkshakes with pies blended into them.

Chile Pies is the dessert store that’s in cahoots with and sits a block down from Green Chile Kitchen. They let you pick your own flavor of pie and choice of Three Twins ice cream. (Warning: This is more difficult than it sounds.) We settled for the daily special blueberry lime cheesecake with the famous lemon cookie ice cream, and trust me, you’re bummed you weren’t there to eat some of it.

These milkshakes usually run for $7, but ours cost $5 for some reason I didn’t get clear details on. My coworker speculates we got a discount because our pie was about to turn. I’m not sure that’s true, but I’ve eaten blue bread out of a dumpster before so I won’t even pretend to care if it is. I do know that if you bring over a receipt from Green Chile Kitchen (which also has some sweet deals to check out), they’ll shave a little off your bill.

Next trip, I’m getting their adult version of an ice cream float made with Bison‘s Chocolate Stout:

Chile Pies (& Ice Cream)
601 Baker St at Fulton St
San Francisco, CA
[Western Addition]

photo courtesy of tablehopper

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

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