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FREE Shuffleboard at Luckydog

Updated: Aug 01, 2010 06:48
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Unlike babies in bars, which people frown upon, it is sometimes okay to have dogs in bars. Especially at Luckydog, where dogs are given free rein to sit on the stools, run all around, lick your shoes, whatever. If you’re not a dog owner, this can, at first, be a little odd, because during the course of the night a miniature whippet will present you with some drool-covered thing to throw. And you’ll just think, WTF, dogs are the best. If I could afford to I would have at least three, and name them things like Baron von Wilbur or Woofhis Khan.

Until you are able to own anything more cost-intensive than a plant, you can fill the place in your heart where a puppy should be with alcohol, because drinks are super cheap. Happy hour is 2-7pm every Monday through Friday, and includes $3 well drinks, $2 PBRs, $1 off all drafts, and $3, 24-ounce Genny Cream Ales.

On top of all that, the final, crowning awesomeness of Luckydog is it has FREE shuffleboard. This is a very good drunk game, because it requires almost no dexterity or stamina. The essential point is to slide a puck across the table and get it to stop at the other end, which doesn’t sound difficult, but surprisingly is. If you don’t know how to keep score just make it all up, shuffleboarders are a pretty laid-back group and don’t seem to care. Or go pet the puppies again.

Dogs and FREE Shuffleboard
303 Bedford Ave. near S. 1st St.

Image courtesy of Luckydog Brooklyn via Flickr

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Katy B. - Economic Inexpert

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