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Greenpoint ‘Last Saturdays’ Block Party

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Even if you don’t have a wad of cash in your pocket, who says you can’t enjoy a little window shopping. Fellow Broke-Ass Anna G has already clued us into stress-free sanctity that is Franklin Ave in Greenpoint, and after making a pilgrimage myself, I have to agree with her.  After trying to escape the World Cup crowds and breath-choking heat, I ducked into a random store in Greenpoint where I was greeted with blasting A/C and free cocktails. Now imagine the same laid back vibe, but free specials throughout the whole neighborhood. Hop on the G train for the Greenpoint Block Party this Saturday.

Building on the success of the “Total Franklin Street Immersion” event, the Greenpoint Business Association  expanded the event and gave the green-light to all the local shops, bars, and restaurants to open their doors and throw a little block party. Get your drink on early at the Black Rabbit Bar, and be one of the first 150 customers to get a free Black Rabbit Lager. This is one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood, with swing style saloon doors on their bar booths, and enough tater tots to satisfy anyone’s childhood cravings. Bring your old paperbacks to WORD Independent Bookstore, for their book swap, to benefit Greenpoint Public Library. And be sure to check out the grand opening of Old Hollywood, another neighborhood gem, who’s expanded and moved from their old tiny space on Messerole. Jewelry addicts beware. Check out the merch while you score free wine and cheese tonight.

They may be without bursting fire hydrants and potluck dishes, but they got shuffleboard so it’s a legit block party in my book.

Greenpoint “Last Saturdays”
Saturday, July 31, 12:00-7:00pm
Manhattan, Greenpoint, Franklin, Nassau Avenues
Look for “GBA” Stickers

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

Laura S, left the "sixth borough" three years ago to settle in Brooklyn. After working at some daily rags, she now does writing on the side but still eats more Ramen then necessary. When she's not moving residences every 6 months, eating her way through every neighborhood, and trying every microbrew known to man, she is unsuccessfully rediscovering home economics. With her binging days behind her, she's now exploring new projects and rediscovering the city that she loves (although is still prone to sliding on her knees during a Prince karaoke set).