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Go-Go Dancing and Leather at Chaps II

Updated: Aug 30, 2010 15:55
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Barfly be thy Name – Chaps II

My flat mate, Nevin, is currently working on a piece about the ins and outs of go-go dancing for the folks over at The Bold Italic. He’s put himself on display at a few spots already, but so far I’ve missed the opportunity to catch his act. I’ve known the guy for a while, so I figured I’d show him some support by dropping by Chaps II this past Friday.

Chaps is one of those places I’ve been to only a couple of times, both having been to drop off their invite to the Bar Workers Ball I do.

Historically I want to say it started at a different spot, but it’s current locale is definitely one of the smaller places in the area. The ceiling is also a little on the low side, so when I slipped a dollar in the band of my friend’s slightly clammy jockstrap I realized I could barely make out his facial features as he literally hung from the rafters. I guess the whole point of the atmosphere is more focused on the body electric anyway. The bartender did warn him that the particular beam from which he was hanging wasn’t exactly secure, which inspired some rather worrisome visions of Nevin, well, falling into the darkness ass backwards – Watch out and easy on those free beers kiddo.

The bartenders were actually some pretty nice guys beyond their warnings and pour pretty strong, which is note worthy.

There is definitely a pretty cruisy vibe in the back near the bathrooms, but a lot tamer than I was expecting. Chaps is really into themes as one can tell by their multiple fetish nights advertised throughout the bar.

Though some of themes are of the more intense variety, this particular Friday seemed a little on the slow side. After lending support through the purchase of a couple of rounds, my friend Christelle, her brother Grayson, and I decided to head back out into the night. More daddies were showing up as we lit our cigarettes, walked west, and talked about what else, but sex.

Chaps II
1225 Folsom Street (@ 8th Street)
[South of Market]

Ps- Be sure to keep your eyeballs out for Nevin’s, ahem, piece.

photo from SF Gate

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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