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Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Vampires Live Forever Series @ BAM

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I’m sure everyone is aware that this country is experiencing a vampire moment. Vampires are used to sell everything these days from lunchboxes to chaste values. But before the Twihards ruined this cult genre, there were plenty of great vampire flicks that had nothing to do with sparkles or thinly veiled morality tales. Leave it to BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) to showcase all the great actors to ever have donned a cape and a pair of fangs. From Bela Legosi, Vincent Price, and Christopher Lee, the art of the vampire film has not always been low brow.

Starting August 4 through September 30, BAM will be showing over 30 films devoted to the blood lust we all can’t seem to get enough of. But don’t think they’re only showing art house fare. I, for one, will be staking out seats for Blacula or should I say “Dracula’s Soul Brother”, on Sept 7th. Having already seen the blaxploitation masterpiece, “Dr Black, Mr.Hyde”, I already know this director’s got the camp thing down. Other favorites to look forward to are, “The Hunger”, and of course my man’s Nic Cage in “Vampire’s Kiss”. Who knows if Jennifer Beals will be a hard-working welder by day, and a bloodsucker by night?

Each film will have three screenings a day, and tickets are $12 for non BAM members and $8 for members. This is your last chance to see “Let the Right One In” on the big screen before your memory of it will be raped by the shitty cobbled together American version. Note to American directors, stop remaking good Swedish movies.

BAMcinématek Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Vampires Live Forever
Wednesday August 4- Thursday, September 30.
Various Times
BAM Rose Cinemas
30 Lafayette Avenue
Between Ashland Pl and St Felix St [Fort Greene]

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