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On the unending quest to find the cheapest way of living the fullest life,  some of the best solutions are often the most obvious.  Recently obsessed with upgrading to smartphone, the first 'œbig girl' phone of my life, the only reason I was even remotely able to achieve my wireless dreams was my plan.  My FAMILY plan.

I suddenly realized how others could, and should benefit from the plethora of savings found on a family plan.  Because of the focus on selling the plans to actual 'œfamilies' (clueless man, savvy woman, two eye-rolling teens, BORING!!!), I had somehow not realized that all you really need is a group of friends and you’ve got yourself wicked cheap cell service!

This may seem too obvious to be considered a trick, but it is still a great idea and will save you tons of the monies.  Here are the three easy things you need to to achieve all your cellular hopes and dreams:

1. A 'œFamily'
Gather up at least one or two of your favorite, most responsible friends and deem yourself a family.  Responsibility comes into play because no one wants to be stuck with the bill of some jerky 'œfriend' who will eff it up for everyone.

2. Freedom
Another obvious, but important element is freedom from another contract with a provider if they are different from that you have chosen.  Contracts are expensive to get out of and will ruin the money saving qualities of this plan.  Bonus points if you’re all on the same plan to begin with.

3. Imagination
One you’ve signed up and have established your big happy family, dig deep for ways to cover the cost of the actual phone.  The dirt cheapness of my monthly phone bill made the newly added data plan much easier to stomach and the upgrade bonus credit made my ridiculously overpriced device almost free!

Bonus tip: I also discovered that my credit card rewards points could be returned in a check from my bank rather than put towards a crappy gift card or a food processor or some shit.  THAT made my phone completely free!

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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