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Blackout Anniversary Party

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Blackouts can be a scary thing. Hell I nearly had a meltdown after my lights started flickering while I was in the shower and my A/C started to make choking sounds. But they can also be a magical witching hour where humanity decides it will come together instead of flying off the handle. Contrary to most apocalyptic movies, I like to think people won’t lose their goddamn minds once credit card machines stop working but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. While no one want to re-crate the chaos of the blackout of ’77, the one back in 2003 was more one big party than loot city.

Even if you weren’t there to reminisce, you can still celebrate a rare occurrence when New York isn’t one big flashing light bulb. All party-goers must BYOF (bring your own flashlight) to get in and all sound and music will be provided by human run machines only. Think hand-crank radios and pedal-powered machines. Too bad they won’t have a blend your own drink bike.

An ice cream potluck is also promised, and festivities will kick off at dusk at the Bodega. Bring a date and who knows, you might get to indulge in a little throwback “7 Minutes in Heaven”. No heavy petting allowed.

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Blackout Anniversary Re-enactment
Starts at dusk
The Bodega
1089 Broadway
Between Dekalb & Hart St [Bushwick]

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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