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Great Fall Footwear for Ladies…Under $50!

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It’s that time again — the September issues have begun to hit the stands and women are making their shopping lists for all of their fall essentials. And although we would love to own the latest pair of Balenciaga’s to keep us looking chic until the year’s end, most of us would rather not starve for a year or longer. Unless, of course, we are talking about the JC Penny disaster duo.

To keep you focused on the season’s trends, I have researched and combed a few Broke Ass Fashion websites for the best fall picks under $50. The best part of finding fashion is the hunt, so here is my labor of love to all of you.

Fall shoes are all about suede, sky high heels and great detailing. You’ll find most of these characteristics and materials throughout the shoes no matter what the trend, but I have categorized many trends into five essential groups. Scroll down to see them below!

Now, I feel we need some music before we start…

The Oxford


The oxford is one of fashion’s biggest throwbacks for the last few seasons and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Stay far from the black and white saddle shoe styles, unless you really want men to think you’re into the school girl fantasy. [No offense if you are — it just always attracts the wrong kind, if you know what I mean.] The studded pair may seem like a little much, but try pairing it with skinnies and a blazer and you will be all military chic without the overpowering forest green. Go with a wood heel for a more casual look, or cut outs for a new refined twist on this great classic.

The Sky High Heel


If Louboutin actually had to walk in his own shoes every day, I’m sure he would not have an infamous empire in his wake of countless accidents and stiletto obsessed women. Still, his influence is still seen on the runway with fall’s ubiquitous towering pumps. Pick a fun color, like the sky blue above, for a fun going out shoe. Pop colors will generally add spice to any monochrome outfit, and are perfect for the camel colors that are ruling the runway.

The Kitten Heel

kitten heels!

For all that are modest and cautious, the kitten heel has inched it’s way back this season on, well…an inch. We see many different styles, but be sure to keep with a high arch and a pointed toe. Pick a patent leather style to get the most mileage out of your shoes — they will transition well when you take off the blazer for happy hour.



Some form of practicality will always win over in fashion, and all of my picks for this season’s best boots reflect that. The two tone varieties on the runway are more fun, but avoid short dresses and skirts in order to not look like Hilda the Mountain Wench. Be sure to also consider ankle booties — they’re one of the hardest trends to pull off, but its all about where it hits your legs. Just be sure to try before you by! ***Editors Note: I personally own the Engineer Boots in brown from Target, and I have literally fooled everyone from a magazine editor to my extremely fashion forward friends into thinking they were Frye’s! Don’t pay more than you have to, ladies.


fabulous fall flats!

God’s gift to women, flats, reign hard this season with little touches of detail and delicate differences. My favorite are the animal print since, honestly, I’m a firm believer in animal print being on accessories and only accessories. The Isabel Toledo for Payless flat, middle, is also my #1 pick — simple and yet detailed enough to last you the entire season long.

Don’t forget — Until September 6th, Payless is still running their BOGO deal, so you can afford to get two trends for the price of one!

I hope this helps lead some ladies in the right direction. Fashion is all about getting inspiration for your personal style, and we here at Broke Ass HQ are all about being original in spite of cycling trends. Remember: you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good. And if your feet are big, well…you’re just fucked.

all images from Polyvore

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