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Giant Found Object Sculptures Need You

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Bowerbirds find objects to build with, you can too!

Random statues are my favorite thing in any city. I just love seeing the people and objects that people decided to cast in bronze and display in public. In New York, my favorite is probably the Alice in Wonderland statue in central park, followed by the Hans Christian Andersen statue. And there’s Chester A. Arthur statue that faces that statue of his rival, William H. Seward. Normally, I’m satisfied with simply being able to stare or climb on the statues, but John Cloud Kaiser is bringing statue participation to the next level. He’s making giant found object sculptures, and he wants everyone to help build them.

Throughout the month of August, he’ll be installing these giant sculptures on sidewalks and street corners. So if you’re carrying around a piece of string, find an action figure without an arm, or just feel like building art for a bit, you should walk on by some of his locations. The project starts tomorrow in Sunnyside Queens.

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Giant Found Object Sculptures
46th Street at Queens Blvd. [Sunnyside, Queens]
Tuesday, August 24
2 to 6pm

Roosevelt Ave. at 51st St., [Queens]
Wednesday, August 25
2 to 6 pm

Citi Field
7 train to Flushing Meadows
Thursday, August 26
3 to 7 pm

Vernon Blvd. at 48th Ave. [Long Island City, Queens]
Friday, August 27
2 to 6 pm

P.S.1 Warm Up party
Jackson Ave at 23rd St. [Long Island City, Queens]
Saturday, August 28
1 to 5 pm

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