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Fabulous Fall Coats Under $150!

Updated: Aug 31, 2011 09:46
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Updating and keeping with the theme of last week’s post, it’s time to talk coats. For us in SF, it’s impossible to think about winter warmth since our Indian summer has finally arrived and we’re stripping and sweating it out. But hopping on the right deals right now will help you save money and time later when you aren’t freezing your kiester off in the subway. Being a shop girl, I deal with coats all day long and I have featured two of the best money saving brands for fall outerwear. Check all of these out — 9/10, they’re within your budget and will keep you warm all season long! AND there is only actually one over $100 — most of these are under $100!

The Trench
A classic wardrobe staple, the trench for this season comes in all different colors and is perfect for shaping up your outfit. Try to pick something that is unique since it will not only catch people’s eye, but will make you feel great to put it on everyday. If your trench comes without a belt, try belting over a dress. It will be super chic looking and fantastic for fall!

fall coats under $150!

Lighter Coats and Blazers
I cannot explain how essential these are to every fall wardrobe. These are great for going out during the day and good for those days when it’s cold, but not coat weather. There are tons of options this season, and I’ve picked out some of the most badass styles.

light coats and blazers under $100!

Tips for buying the best fit and caring for your coat:
I often recommend buying a size larger, especially for cities like SF and NY. More often than not, it will be colder than your coat can handle, and you must be prepared to layer at all times. Cardigans and light jackets need to fit under all of your coat and I guarantee you will be annoyed if you cannot do this!
If the coat is tight in the shoulders, it’s too small. Although some coats are made for a tight fit, you have to be able to move around in it comfortably. The worst thing to do is spend 1/3rd of your paycheck on a coat, only to find that a week later you’ll rip a hole in it.
Decide on a length. If you’re a jeans and tee kind of gal, try a shorter style. You’d be surprised at how good it looks. If you’re like me and you wear a dress pretty much everyday, go long! You won’t want your legs to get cold when you’re waiting for that midnight train.
Always dry clean your coats. I feel like this is a given but you have no idea how many people I know who have ruined coats by putting them in the washer. Sure, dry cleaning is more expensive, but it’s less expensive than buying a new coat, isn’t it?
If you spill, treat the stain. Grab a washcloth and dab the spot with some sparkling water. It’s better to treat stains while they’re fresh than trying to explain that the white stain on the bottom of your coat is really just ranch dressing at Thanksgiving. Trust me on this.

Remember to only buy a coat you truly love since you will probably be wearing it everyday. Shop around, try things on and be sure to find the perfect fit to flatter your figure. There is nothing worse than looking like wearing a potato sack, ladies!

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