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Pick Up Chicks at Duckduck

Updated: Aug 30, 2010 06:27
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Duckduck is currently the only reason I ever go out to the Montrose stop on the L, because I am super lazy. If you are too, then three train stops might sound far away, but it is literally like 15 blocks. Duckduck has cheap drinks and they make them STRONG, so be careful. A night at Duckduck might end up as that night where you end up apologizing to all your friends for things you don’t remember doing. Blahhh.

The bar was recently renovated and expanded, and according to Ryan the bartender, during the renovation they took two of the bottom stairs off of the staircase descending from the ceiling so as to prevent people from trying to climb it. I think it’s still doable though, so do not let that stop you. They’ll probably admire your tenacity.

Happy hour is 4:30-8pm every day, but even better is their REVERSE happy hour, from 2-3 am. It includes the same deals as normal happy hour – 2-for-1 Rolling Rock, Yuengling, and well drinks – but it happens when you really shouldn’t be drinking more at all. Yeahhhhhh.

Duckduck is also apparently a great place to solicit sex from strangers, because within an hour of getting there some girl wrote her phone number on a napkin and asked me to be in what I’m sure would not be a really weird, terrifying threesome at 5am.

161 Montrose Ave
[East Williamsburg]

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Katy B. - Economic Inexpert

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