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50% off at Farmer Brown!!

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Aw shit!  It’s time for yet another Broke Buck.  This time it’s the amazing Farmer Brown.  These things will move fast (Little Star sold out in 4 hours), so click here to get yours before the deal sells out.  Otherwise read all about it below:

Let’s just say Jay Foster can shake some motherfucking pots and pans. I used to eat dude’s food back when he was cooking at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack and The Blue Jay Cafe, so when he teamed up with Deanna Sison to open up Farmer Brown, I was hella excited. Yes, hella. And I haven’t been disappointed.

I could sit here and talk about how cool it is that Farmer Brown supports “local and African-American farmers using organic, biodynamic, and/or sustainably raised foods and beverages whenever possible” but I’m not gonna. I’d rather talk about the fried chicken. I mean really, have you had that chicken? It’s mind bendingly good. People shouldn’t be allowed to make something taste that good; doesn’t Jay realize there are those of us out there with addictive personalities? But don’t worry if chicken’s not your thing, Farmer Brown also puts out banging shrimp & grits, pulled pork, and even veggie jambalya for you meat-a-phobics.

So here’s the deal: buy this Broke Buck for only $20 and then march your cute ass down to Farmer Brown and get yourself $40 worth of grub. Unbelievable right? Yeah, it’s because I love you.

Also, don’t forget to check out Farmer Brown’s Saturday and Sunday brunch where it’s $16.50 for all you can eat and pitchers of mimosas are just $20. Plus the band Bayonics are there to give your Sunday brunch a little hip-hop and soul soundtrack. Enjoy!

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