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Teak on the Hudson: Worth Taking the PATH

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There are plenty of things I say I really want to do–like making a photo collage of bodega cats or finally memorizing someone’s phone number besides my own–but I will probably never get around to doing them. Another is trying fresh sushi as a a means to erase a bad experience in college from my tastebud’s memories, and I think I might actually do it thanks to Hoboken restaurant Teak on the Hudson‘s half priced menu on Monday and Thursday nights.

I get that plenty of places in NYC do this, like Sushi Lounge or that other really bright, loud, crowded spot on St. Marks Place with the cotton candy machine outside, but something about a menu that is half-priced all the time a) doesn’t actually make much sense and b) does not seem that far off from the bad sushi experience that scarred me from the food in the first place. But at Teak is, like, a really nice restaurant as opposed to a small seaweed-smelling space in which you are glared at for lingering the slightest bit at your table after your food is consumed. At Teak, there is a fishtank with beautiful exotic fish! There are the kind of chairs you look at in catalogs and wonder if you’ll ever trust yourself to own! There is a motherf&*ing chandelier! But most importantly, there is fresh food that people are okay with spending a lot of money to eat, but on two very special days the rest of us can eat too.

On Monday and Thursday nights, everything on the menu AND at the bar is half-priced, except for the lobster-tail because apparently if you can’t pay full price for that you don’t want it badly enough. The dishes are Asian and Contemporary American inspired and range from sushi to full fresh fish entrees like Mahi Mahi, filet mignon and other things I can only usually have when my grandparents come to visit. The restaurant is right off of the PATH train, and mind you that a PATH ride is cheaper than a subway ride these days. Plus, afterward you can walk it while enjoying the best thing about Hoboken: spacious sidewalks.

Teak on the Hudson Restaurant
16-18 Hudson Place [Hoboken]

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Jill S.

Jill S.

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