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Cheap Lunch Specials at Ayola

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When I’m having a good day at work, I celebrate with lunch at Ayola. When I’m having a bad day, I eat my feelings at Ayola. In sum, I spend a lot of time at Ayola. Good thing it’s so delicious '“ and cheap!

Crack fries! Eat with ketchup and hot sauce.

The $8.56 lunch special includes a gyro or shawarma, crack fries (read: addictive, not filled with boiled down cocaine), and a drink. But this special is huge and for when you’re super starving. Normally, I get two sides '“ falafel and hummus with pita! '“ and pay less than six bucks. Holla atcha hoe!

118 New Montgomery St at Mission St
San Francisco, CA

Thanks to Yelp for the photos.

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Literature, but she tells everyone she majored in Psychology so they don't ask her for book recommendations. She likes coffee, pickles, free yoga classes, and spends a lot of time with her dog.