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Pancakes at Tom’s Restaurant: the Fluffiest of the Fluffy

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Fluffy is a word that describes many of the most awesome little things in life, like bright green grass, blankets, whipped cream, bunny rabbits…so I ignored the rest of the menu at Tom’s Restaurant after I saw “Fluffy Pancakes” as an item. Then I went into a brief internal/external debate over Danish pancakes with blueberry and ricotta or a stack filled with bananas and walnuts. The Danish stack won that round, and my eternal devotion to Tom’s.

Tom’s isn’t exactly a well-kept secret; they usually have a line wrapping around the corner. Surprisingly waiting for a table is one of the more magical parts of eating there. While you’re standing on the sidewalk, the staff comes around to pass out orange slices, cookies and cups of coffee to keep you and your blood sugar distracted. (Also, Tom’s has been in business for over 70 years, so they know how to seat people quickly). The menu is entirely classic diner items (omelette, burgers, crab cakes, shakes, etc.), but they’re of a quality that tastes amazing while sober and in the daylight. After several visits, the pancakes have proven to be the most spectacular item. Each of the 10+ flavors is indeed fluffy and absurdly delicious. They’re bangin’ with their own real fruit additives, but each stack comes with butters flavored with strawberry, cinnamon and lemon.

Even the walls are everything you want from a diner. They’re covered in head shots of celebrity and psuedo-celebrity visitors, random family portraits, decorative plates, specials written by hand on neon poster board, ads for waffle flour and paintings of scenery. (There’s also set of tables is covered in a gold-flecked turquoise Formica that I’ve only seen one other place on Earth: my parents’ dated kitchen). On the way out, be sure to take one last look at the potted trees near the door with garlands of fake flowers woven into them.

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Tom’s Restaurant
782 Washington Avenue, between Sterling Pl. & St Johns Pl. [Prospect Heights, Brooklyn]
Open Monday to Saturday, 6am to 4pm

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Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

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