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The Best Massaman Curry in Williamsburg at Khao Sarn

Updated: Mar 27, 2011 12:35
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Even though I order take-out from Khao Sarn pretty much every time I’m hungover, which is often, I do not have a very extensive knowledge of the menu. This is because the deliciousness of their massaman curry has prevented me from ordering anything else, ever. Eventually, maybe before October, I plan on trying the red curry with bamboo shoots and basil, because it sounds amazing and on Khao Sarn’s spiceyness scale it rates only two stars, which I feel I can handle.

Each noodle, curry, and rice dish is $6 for the vegetarian version or $8 with chicken, but you can also pick from a choice of tofu, vegetables, veggie “fish”, veggie “duck”, beef, pork, shrimp, SQUID (ah!), salmon, fried red snapper, sole, or crispy duck. The crispy duck is $15, but apparently it’s an entire half duck, so you could probably split that with a friend.

It’s also a great spot for a date, because the atmosphere is really laid back and for some reason they are always playing old timey french music. You’ll need drinks, because what date could succeed without booze? But no need to worry because all their fancy cocktails are only $6. Not to say that PBR and taco trucks don’t make a person feel special. They DO. Sometimes it’s just nice to go to a place where you do not have to clean your own table.

Khao Sarn
311 Bedford Ave (near South 2nd)

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