DIY: Transform Your Old Socks

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Hazel loves They Might be Giants. I am not even kidding.

We all know the old punk trick of turning your socks into arm warmers, or tying them into knots to use as a dog toy, but if you can work your way around a needle and a thread (like, at all) you suddenly have a lot more options for those dryer orphans. The most popular DIY sock craft seems to be cuddly animal pals – think Sock Monkey; or Neuron Rebellion (Where Hazel came from) but those often call for a sewing machine – or at least someone who can hand sew a buttload better than I can. But finding sock crafts that require simple needle-and-thread work (or none) is cake – for the no-sew crowd you got a wine bottle cover or a hot drink cozie and your iPod/electronics pocket. All of which are pretty basic and involve a bit of cutting and perhaps some glue.

However, if you’ve got a need and a thread and you’re still with me how about an argyle vase or planter cozy? It’s as easy as pulling a sock over your receptacle, then sewing up the ends so they don’t fray. Or don’t, that’s your call. You can also find instructions that include sewing a base here.

If you’ve got a needle and a thread and you’re a Star Wars geek then a) you’re totally on my level and b) you’ll probably want to make a Space Slug door blocker instead.


I actually could really use a door blocker, so this is pretty much in my wheelhouse anyhow but it’s also ridic easy: stuff two sock with scrap fabric (or a filling of your choice. I’m sure something like rice or dried beans would also work.). Now, sew one of them shut. Stuff the sewn sock into the open sock and sew them together. Cut an adorable Space Slug face out of felt and glue.

And if you’re a total overachiever, knock yerself out with the woven-sock potholder but be warned: you’ll need a loom.

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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

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