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Donuts Luncheonette Keeps You Coming Back

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Some places lure you in with high design, a dining gimmick, or enough sangria to make your mouth go numb, and all of those are excellent reasons to be enticed to sit down and throw around some pocket change. However, some places suck you in and keep you coming back for more based on the haunting smell of a million delicious things and more than decade’s worth of grease. For this we have Donuts Luncheonette.

To set the record straightish- no one’s totally sure on the name. The big, blaring Donuts written on the front would seem a title, but then you realize it’s like calling something Deli, Doctor’s Office, or Free Clinic- it’s the product they’re selling, not the store’s name (however those three just mentioned sound like bars in the East Village I’ve drank at). Whatever it’s called, you might as well call it 'œawesome pie and donuts opened 24 hours a day for my drunk corpse.' Also, though, it’s a full on diner so you can get your eggs and hash and the other necessary goodies. It’s a local favorite and perennial haunt of a diverse mix of P-Slope yuppies, cops, punk and ghetto teenagers, and I think I once saw a werewolf there, but that’s another story.

While there are other, perhaps more quality made donuts for you broke asses, the old school diner charm of this hole-in-the-wall that isn’t going anywhere fast and ain’t changing for nobody more than makes up for it. I reiterate, though- awesome pie. Seriously, it’s like they distilled the essence of pure grandma into every slice. So go to where the heart and heart attack is. Merry munchings.

Donut Shop & Luncheonette
324 7th Ave
Between 4th Ave & 8th St [Park Slope]

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