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NYC Has Baby Baboons and Baby Tigers!

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Zoo animals in NYC must’ve been busy gettin’ it on this year, because there are new baby animals in two of the city’s three zoos. If you’re sick of staring at other people’s puppies in dog parks, head out to the Bronx or Prospect Park to see little baboons, tigers and lions.

Baby Baboons at Prospect Park!

Two very important facts about baboons: 1. Their pink asses are to make sleeping sitting up more comfortable 2. There are two baboon babies at the Prospect Park Zoo. (And bonus third fact: baby baboons are waaaay cuter than you’d expect). The little guys made their public debut last month, and just got their official names, Jabari and Azizi, a few days ago. They’re the first baby baboons born to the troop at the Prospect Park Zoo in six years, and now is the time to see them before they grow their giant fangs.

Tiger and Lion Cubs in the Bronx!

Not only does the Bronx Zoo have tiger cubs, it has two different species of tiger cubs! Just this week, the zoo moved its three Amur tiger cubs and three Malayan tiger cubs to their new home on Tiger Mountain. They’re in adjacent pens, allowing visitors to compare differences in species while you marvel at how freaking cute these tiny carnivores are. Also in the Bronx is the newest addition to the pride of lions. Three lion cubs were born back in April, and they’re still awesome to look at even if they’ve lost their spots and entered their surly teenage phase.

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Prospect Park Zoo
38-60 Eastern Pkwy, entrance near Flatbush Avenue [Prospect Park, Brooklyn]

Bronx Zoo
2300 Southern Blvd [The Bronx]

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