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More Cheap All-You-Can-Eat Pizza at The Lookout on Tuesday Nights

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All-You-Can-Eat! I shouldn't even have to write a post to explain this.

I’ll start out with a hypothetical:  It’s a Tuesday afternoon, you’ve been working like a dog all day (or, like me, woke up at 3pm because you work from home and set your own hours) and you’re STARVING.  So starving you stoop to using a cliche over Gchat and tell your friend that you could “eat a horse.”  “Doesn’t Goat Hill have all-you-can-eat pizza?” your wise friend responds.  “YES,” you reply, “on MONDAY NIGHTS.”  Now you’re pissed because the buffet idea is in your head, you want pizza, and you missed Goat Hill’s Neighborhood Night.

But wait!  Your OTHER friend on Gchat happens to be a bigger fat-ass than the first guy/gal and write for a super hip broke-ass blog.  She tells you about yet another all-you-can-eat pizza night on Tuesdays, this one at The Lookout bar in the Castro (well, it’s actually Thick & Thin Pizza, which is attached to The Lookout, but whatever).  It’s a similar deal to Goat Hill’s, $9.95 for as much pizza you can fit in your tiny little belly from 6pm – 9:30pm every Tuesday night.  And while Goat Hill will always be #1 in delicious pizza world, the pies at The Lookout are very tasty.  I mean, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with pizza, especially for ten bucks.

Insider tip:  Do NOT chug Sparks (or Four Loko or Joose) before the binge.  You WILL puke on the curb after eating.  Guaranteed.

All-You-Can-Eat Pizza at The Lookout Tuesdays from 6pm – 9:30pm 3600 16th St. (btwn Castro & Market) [Castro]

Photo via Yelper Michael B.

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Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator

Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator

When Christy announced she was leaving her family's Southern California home and moving to San Francisco, her mom said, "Have fun in that den of sin." This is the only (however sarcastic) advice Christy has ever taken from her mom, who also told her to join and cover her eyes during sex scenes in movies. Christy puts her creative writing degree to good use by locating the typos on Chinese food menus and spends most of her time challenging friends to all-you-can-eat contests and trying to get that one bartender at Zeitgeist to smile.

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