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Many Asian cuisines are represented to the point of congestion in this city. It’s hard to walk three blocks in most neighborhoods without tripping over falafel, sushi, or pad thai. However, Asia’s a big place- seriously, look it up on a map sometime. If you’re feeling saucy and adventurous but are afraid to commit to a full meal, follow the Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck to snag some FREE samples and get more cultured while you’re at it.

Malaysian food is perfect for the gastronomical rookie when it comes to broadening horizons. A lot of the food is familiar enough, like satay or curries, but it’s the little differences with interesting use of spice, sambal, and delicious slow cooked beef (it’s called rendang and you should eat it) that make it special. Plus, each week features a new chef contributing, from solid Southeast Asian spots like Café Asean to the hyped up Fatty Cue. What you should do is follow that Twitter for locations and menus, and keep your eyes peeled for the friendly food truck. As many infomercials have said before me, it’s only available while supplies last!

Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck
Various locations [Manhattan and Queens]
Through Nov. 19th
FREE food!

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