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Courtesy of Brett Walker

i. Wine at FourBarrel for Brett Walker‘s art opening. “Self-Titled,” a collection of his photos, will be up on the walls to look at for FREE until November 29th.

ii. This song. It haunts me.

[youtube N_atFMCUJ1o]

iii. Reading these fascinating posts by a man who spent two years in prison. This also haunts me but in a different way (thanks, Mojo!).

iv. The beach, the beach, the beach! You should get one if you don’t have one near you.

v. 2-acre hay maze with 7 foot walls and hidden doors at Arata Pumpkin Farm.* Well, this one was not free. ‘Twas ten bucks down in Half Moon Bay. But ten bucks well spent. I’m pretty sure some friends of mine are still left in there. We were a large group so we were able to go after dark and that’s when the magic happens.
Nothing says Halloween like scaring the shit out of your friends and potentially getting lost forever.

vi. Remembering to call the Lunch Lady on a Friday.
A little back story: she used to read and record the lunch menu for the National Geologic Survey Building somewhere in D.C. or Virginia. They eventually automated the system or had it on the internet or realized people don’t really care about calling in to see if there’s mashed potatoes for lunch. Whatever the reason, they didn’t require her services anymore. She was bummed, I was bummed, and a fan of hers offered to have her read the menu for a senior citizen center in San Leandro.
Explaining how amazing the experience is won’t do her any justice, just call. 510-351-7654. (Don’t worry, it’s just a recording.)

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